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Who We Are

A Concierge to Our Customers. A Resource to Our Partners

About Us

At Coakley Brothers, we have always been proud of what we do and passionate about how we do it. We strive to perform at the highest level so that your experience with us is pleasant and more importantly, memorable.

Locally we have over one hundred full-time employees and our own fleet of vehicles. We have served our national and global residential clients as an Allied Agent since the 1930s. And, as a founding member of the Office Movers Alliance (OMA), we continue to serve global businesses with their moving and logistic needs.

Our Approach

The team at Coakley Brothers knows that listening is the hallmark of any good interaction between partners. We never lose sight of our mission:

“Coakley Brothers aims to provide customers with a positively memorable experience when we are called upon to assist with managing the move or redesigning a workplace. We value Diamond Class Service that requires our employees to extend assistance and forward-thinking to make their fellow teammates’ work easier, efficient, and more enjoyable. This, in turn, makes a more pleasant and more confident experience for our clients.”

Community Involvement and Industry Partnerships

Coakley Brothers believes that our potential as Good People Doing Good Work extends beyond our business. Through our partnerships with Sojourner Family Peace Center, Walker’s Point Association, Green Masters Program, Milwaukee Bucks Community Foundation, and Carmen High School of Science and Technology, we’re creating a positive impact in our community.

Our work and support help victims of violence find safety, at-risk youth find quality education, and help to raise the quality of education of the young people in Milwaukee. These opportunities have been highlights of our careers, bringing our team closer together for the good of our community.