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Furniture Installation

Installation Expertise

Knowledge and experience in systems furniture are critical when recreating, designing, or moving any office environment. That is why Coakley Brothers are staffed with a team of individuals with diverse expertise in a wide range of systems furniture. We offer a single-source service that accomplishes the client’s goals with minimal spending in comparison to other resources in this arena.

Systems Furniture Installation

Coakley Brothers are well-versed in all major office furniture systems, and we’ve worked with our share of obscure ones too. Herman Miller, Steelcase, KI, Haworth, Kimball, Teknion, All Steel, and Hon are our specialties, and we have extensive experience in High-Density Filing System relocations as well. When we complete the job, we’ll train your staff to handle your day-to-day needs, and we’ll always be a phone call away.

Reconfiguration of Systems Furniture

As companies grow or contract, their office furniture needs to change as well. One of the biggest benefits of systems furniture is the ability to make changes quickly and cost-effectively. Coakley Brothers can take your existing systems furniture and make workstations larger or smaller, create new team areas, or redesign entire floors. Tell us what you want to accomplish and we do the rest – create the as-built drawings, inventory your assets, specify new products if needed, create installation drawings, and document surplus products. We work from a timeline so you’ll know what happens when.

Project Management

The most important person in an office space planning or reconfiguration is the project manager. They are the glue that holds projects together! Coakley Brothers’ project managers possess a wealth of knowledge about different office furniture systems and how they work together. They prove particularly valuable on challenging or unusual projects because of their expertise and experience. Internally, project managers work with our sales and operations departments to schedule and estimate your move accurately. On the job, your project manager will be in contact with the client as needed, and they can also work with construction teams, subcontractors, IT personnel, and other parties to ensure that your project runs smoothly. Their jobs are to solve problems, and better yet, to help you avoid them altogether.

Coakley Brothers will provide an experienced team of installers who will be knowledgeable, courteous, professional, and efficient. Our teams have an average of 15 years’ experience with office systems and furniture.

Reconditioning Panels


Revitalize your environment and protect your assets. Whether your existing office furniture is worn out, or whether you just need a new look, Coakley Brothers can refresh and reupholster existing furnishings to make it look new again. Almost limitless upholstery options exist and you’ll extend the life of your furniture for years.

Panel & Chair Cleaning

Think about the dust that collects in your office every week. Imagine the amount of dust that settles onto your workstations after a few years. Coakley Brothers can professionally clean panel systems and upholstered seating. We also offer scheduled cleaning and maintenance for your panel systems and seating to keep everything clean and aesthetically pleasing.