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Warehousing & Storage Solutions

Warehouse Storage Units in Milwaukee

Coakley Brothers provide hundreds of thousands of square feet of safe, accessible, and economical storage space for your warehouse and distribution needs.

Storage Facilities

Whether your company needs temporary storage or a customs warehouse and distribution solution, Coakley Brothers Warehousing will meet your needs. Using state-of-the-art computer inventory systems, buildings alarmed for fire and security, and climate-controlled space, Coakley Brothers warehousing is unsurpassed in quality.

Inventory Management

Inventory management has become the number one area for third-party companies, such as Coakley Brothers, to drive cost savings for our clients. Here is how it works: our Windfall inventory management system is web-based and designed to keep track of your inventory. We find that when companies do not have a comprehensive web-based inventory management tool they often assign the same product to two or more projects at the same time and one of those projects is going to come up short. Our software allows designers and project coordinators to coordinate and pull products simultaneously out of inventory to eliminate this confusion. Another common problem is the duplication of purchases of products you already have in storage but do not know it exists or where it is. Lastly, the client is not storing a product that is no longer of value to the company and may write it off their books today. This leads to the final step of a product lifecycle through a sale or a decommission of the product to its core value to be recycled properly and not just thrown into a landfill as was done historically.


Coakley Brothers distribution center is capable of receiving, storing, or prepping products for shipment to your facility. We find the most cost-effective and efficient transportation solution to meet your needs while ensuring that all regulatory and safety standards are adhered to. Coakley Brothers act as your consultant when designing this improved process in order to drive cost savings.

The bottom line, your product will arrive on time and damage-free.

Hospitality – FF&E

Coakley Brothers’ Hospitality Services Division is positioned to receive, inspect, deliver and install a complete range of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E), and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E), anywhere within Wisconsin.

Whether you’re opening a new hotel or renovating a national treasure, an assisted living center, hospital, university, or timeshare, Coakley Brothers have the experience, resources, and expertise to meet project deadlines consistently and cost-effectively. And to help you through the process, our contingency planning initiatives assure instant response and resolution in the event of severe weather, construction delays, labor disputes, impediments to access, or any number of the myriad of possibilities facing time-sensitive installations.

The product can be shipped direct to the job site where our crews will unload, unpack, place and install, or it can be routed to one of our convenient warehouse facilities for future or multi-staged deliveries. In either event, you can be assured we will closely inspect all items for condition, and match shipping documents for order accuracy. Your office will be notified immediately should there be a discrepancy. And following each stage of the project, we will remove and dispose of all packing materials and trash.