Facilities Management

Logical Choice For your need

At Coakley Brothers we know that facilities management goes beyond moving day. Our Facilities Management Division grew out of our clients’ needs for temporary or permanent help managing the on-site and off-site physical assets of their businesses: their furniture, documents and equipment. We’re scrupulous about making good cultural matches to organizations, letting company employees concentrate on what they do best and what drives revenue, while we handle the facility details.

Coakley Brothers is often intimately knowledgeable about the assets of the businesses we serve. Therefore we become a logical choice when a facilities department looks for resources to manage their assets and projects. By supplying them an individual who fits their corporate culture and meets the skill set required to fulfill the tasks we have helped clients meet their goals and contain or even reduce their spend. Whether you require a full-time or part-time position we have talent which includes people with IT capabilities and all facilities functions.