Moving Offices Across on the Globe

Coakley Brothers have been a founding partner of the Office Moving Alliance in order to create solutions for local companies with national and international locations. OMA and Coakley Brothers have a Global footprint to manage work across the globe.

Coakley Brothers’ commercial services extend nationally and even globally. As one of the founding members of Office Movers Alliance, we extend to you: OMA.

OMA provides moving, distribution, transportation, warehousing, installation, and project management to cover all your multi-location workplace needs. We have over 12 million square feet of storage space, 9000 vetted full-time employees, 400+ project managers, and 3200 vehicles. We perform over 500,000 projects a year for commercial, government, health care, and education clients. OMA and Coakley Brothers have the National and Global footprint to manage work across the globe.

For any business working with transportation, moving, and logistics companies: We provide a better way.

How We are Different: We are your one point of contact and the one hand to shake.

  • Professional LLC: over 20 years of experience; Board operated; Full-time staffed
  • Professional Service Team, Commercial Fleet and Equipmentnot a van line/not sub-contracting services; 12 million square feet of storage space, 9,000 FT vetted employees; over 400 project managers; over 3200 vehicles.
  • Communication: Actual service provider is part of the planning process; accountable
  • Collaborative: This allows for the building of trusting long term relationships
  • Cost Savings: Centralized Account management and control is the most efficient
  • Global Reach: Asset-Based Service Provider–57 locations; 250+ markets; 22 countries; 6 continents; 40 U.S. partners; 80 markets; brick and mortar locations within 150 miles of 95% of US Population
  • Certified professionals: Fully vetted member/owners; full-time service professionals
  • Confidence in Financial Stability: Over in 1 Billion in Annual Revenue over 500,000 jobs annually