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Moving and Office Relocation

Office Moving

Whether you are moving everything in your office or just technology, files, and miscellaneous contents, we’ll uncover your needs and requirements through our proven office moving process. From the initial walk-thru to the execution of the relocation, we’re continually educating your staff, overcoming obstacles, and providing solutions. Simply put, nobody in Wisconsin has more knowledge or experience in commercial relocation than we do. From reconfiguration of workstations to packing files, hanging smart boards, and relocating data centers, you can be certain that we have that experience. Our team will work with you to plan the most efficient, least disruptive relocation possible.


Library relocation requires intense attention to detail. Tens or hundreds of thousands of individual items need to be moved. We focus upon maximized efficiency for categorization. Moving a library may be the main objective, but we also provide furniture procurement, staging, installation, and storage during remodeling or renovation. We also provide temporary or long-term storage for excess inventory.

Manufacturing Moves

Relocating a warehouse, distribution center, manufacturing facility or other business can be a complex and challenging assignment. Not only can we move your inventory or heavy equipment, but we can also assist in other areas such as project management, asset management, floor mapping, and installation of shelving or industrial racking. We’ll help you plan for minimal downtime so you can focus on your business.

File Relocation

Performing a medical records transition requires attention to three very important criteria; maintaining the file sequence integrity, providing and maintaining the confidentiality of the records, and providing for the availability of any file in case of an emergency need. We’ll plan any relocation to the level of detail keeping these critical elements at the forefront. Our proven processes and experience in this area will be evident at all levels of interaction with our skilled workforce and project management. HIPAA-trained personnel understands the need to maintain confidentiality from file room to truck to file room. Project management can include the development of a relocation plan to include interfile of separate systems for sequence integrity. All personnel is aware of and capable of locating a particular file within minutes in case of emergency. All of these elements are standard considerations when relocating your business-critical documents. Our experience eliminates the risk.

Bio-Tech Lab Moves

We have experience moving biotech companies. These moves involve furniture, records, preserved samples, bio-safety cabinets, minus 80-degree freezers, and more. Our staff works with your team to plan and coordinate while we arrange for the proper equipment and scheduling. Our goal is a smooth and efficient process for your facility to move.


What do you do with your unwanted furniture assets when you move or renovate?

A significant portion of landfill waste is generated from the corporate environment, and most of that is furniture and equipment. With increased awareness and accountability for companies to behave as good corporate citizens, and with pressure to meet CSR (corporate social responsibility) goals, we can help with the responsible re-disposition of your office furnishings.

At Coakley Brothers, we take our role in the furniture supply chain very seriously and strive to help our clients strive for zero waste with a combination of the various options available to you. With a focus on the bottom line and an educated effort to keep furniture out of our landfills, our staff can help you assess your options and help make responsible decisions.

Your Options include:

Refurbish and Reconfigure
Refresh, renew, and repurpose your existing furniture that may have many serviceable years ahead but simply need to be repaired, painted, touched up, or reupholstered. We can help identify the realistic options in this category. We help with the assessment process of your existing inventory. Reconfiguring your office space plan can also breathe new life into existing furniture that may seem to no longer suit your needs only because of how it is being utilized. Through the design services offered at Coakley Brothers and Brothers Interiors, a more effective office space plan may be what you are trying to achieve.

The used furniture market is an option only if you are realistic about the value of your furniture assets. The industry rule of thumb for used systems furniture is that your perfectly good used furniture is likely worth between 1 – 10 % of its original invoiced value depending on condition, function, brand, and intact or not missing components or trim. Anything less than perfectly good workstations, chairs, and lateral filing cabinets could become a cost burden to you. Vertical filing cabinets are not valued at all in the resale market. Many of our customers are happy to have the product removed at no cost, however, in many cases, you will be faced with costs for removal if your furniture is not deemed to be marketable. Experience counts when working with the used furniture market, let us take the headache out of the analysis and present you with your realistic options.

Often considered the first stop for perfectly good, but no-longer-needed furniture, donating to a not-for-profit or start-up organization is a great way to do the right thing and keep furniture out of a landfill. Donating furniture, however, is not a simple business. Your donated furniture needs to match the needs and space requirements of your chosen organization at just the moment that they need it. Even if the timing happens to be right, is it the right size, the right color, or functional for them? Does it need to be re-designed or modified to suit their needs? Most NFP organizations have the same workplace management considerations that any other business has. And it is a complicated process to connect the available product to the current need. We can help with the tricky business of making good on your intentions. We can certainly help with adding donations to your decommissioning plan.

The next-to-last option for your used furniture is to have it removed from the site and responsibly dismantled and recycled for all salvageable parts and materials. This is typically a task our clients cannot take on themselves. With a large warehouse facility, trucks, experienced staff, and the tools for the job, we can assist with this necessary step. We’ll remove all of the decommissioned furniture from your facility separating the product that is recyclable from what is not recyclable. Then transport it to the appropriate destination. Although we have a goal of zero waste, this is often difficult to achieve as most systems furniture and seating are comprised of between 10% to 70% recyclable materials. (Most systems furniture have between 20% – 50% recyclable content while chairs are a broader range depending on component materials). Most metal cabinets are 100% recyclable after they have served a long life!

Disaster Recovery

Coakley Brothers have the labor, equipment, processes, and procedures to help you resume critical business functions when disaster strikes. From floods to fires, rely on us to access your situation and recommend the best course of action to get your business up and running as quickly as possible.

We have the ability to receive your product, inspect it for damage, and inventory it. Through our Windfall inventory management system you can receive reports about partial shipments or damaged items. Then schedule delivery of the product when you are ready for installation.

School Relocation

Wisconsin. We provide complete project planning and budget controls. Our planning and coordination are performed with trained professionals with years of experience supporting relocation working with schools and universities.

Through our specially trained individuals, IT equipment relocation service with disconnect and reconnect service is available. We will facilitate and attend to your laboratory installation. Our Workplace Consultant will provide preparatory guidance, training, and tips, for packing for teachers, professors, and administrators. A packing service is also available.

Additionally, modular systems disassembly, reconfiguration, and installation are provided. And we will receive any equipment or furniture, store, deliver, and install new furniture as your move requires. Expect experienced packing, unpacking, and crating services as well as post-move support and services. If you have old electronics or furniture we can also arrange for the removal, donation, or disposal as a service we provide.

Employee Relocation

As an agent of Allied Van Lines, Coakley Brothers has one of the largest worldwide moving company van lines working for you. Whether the move is across the country or overseas, we’ll orchestrate employee moves from start to finish, making it stress-free for your employees, their families, and you.

Businesses have unique ideas about what is included in their employee relocation policy ranging from a transportation only, to a full-service move including the purchase of the employee’s residence. Whatever your policy, we will design a program that perfectly fits your company’s needs and goals.

Coakley Brothers will assign a dedicated counselor to assist your employee through each phase of the moving relocation. By having a single point of contact your employees can relax, knowing that your customer service representative closely monitors all the details.