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Unique moving project? We have the most moving experience.  

Coakley Brothers has been proudly moving businesses and households in Wisconsin, since 1888. Our job is to create a worry-free moving experience for you.

Rooted in the Past,
Eyes to the Future

Proudly Moving Wisconsin Homes and Businesses Since 1888

At Coakley Brothers, we are proud of what we do and passionate of how we do it. We want you to be happy.

Our commitment to you is quality work.  The commitment also extends inward to our full-time moving staff. The work is done by experts who enjoy making you happy, and they also go the extra mile to make their co-worker’s job easier.  We call that: Diamond Class Service.


Commercial Services

More Than Just a Mover

Our name is known, but everything we do is not. You know that we move workplaces…but did you know that we are in the hospitality business providing many more services?

It’s all about HOW we deliver and WHO delivers it.

You will meet our full-time movers.  They have earned us the reputation as Wisconsin’s and Milwaukee’s best full-service Move Management team.  Ask us about Installation Services, Facilities Management, Warehousing, and also Office Furniture with Design Services through Brothers Interiors.

How We’re Different

We approach each and every moving project with our “Diamond Class” approach which means our employees treat each other with respect and forward thinking assistance.  This same effort carries through to you and your workplace move project.  We have a real passion for what we do and we take pride in our work, our history, and we carry the mantra of “Good People Doing Good Work”.

  • Experienced Moving Professionals
  • Full Service Moving and Storage Partner
  • End-to-end Project Management Support
  • Dedicated, Friendly, Full-time Professional Team Members

  • Local and Nationwide Services
One Single Source for Services

After 100 years of moving every type of product that exists, we have developed a proven method of moving your goods on time and in budget.

Office Moving Alliance Across the Globe

Coakley Brothers is proud to be an Office Moving Alliance (OMA) Partner. As an OMA partner, we provide moving, storage, and furniture installation for some of largest private and public companies globally.  We are one of the 42 OMA Partners. As a part of this alliance, we share a commitment to you for quality, safety and integrity through our expert full-time employees.


Residential Moving

You will find we have the kindest most conscientious people that you will ever have in your home.
We are the household mover for the urban neighborhoods of Milwaukee and surrounding communities.

We have:

-Our own fleet of trucks and full-time movers
-Local, national, and international reach
-Agent of Allied Van Lines
-Climate controlled storage
-Full-service packing and unpacking
-Concierge for any unique needs

Don’t think we’re expensive. Our rates compare with every mover online.

For exceptional care and accuracy of price please call for an in-home consultation.

(414) 278-7060


National Moving

Allied Van Lines is a central point-of-contact, full-service location and logistics powerhouse, from online tracking to multiple shipping, storage and moving options, we cover your complex moving needs.  Our experts know how to move your residence with minimum downtime.

We coordinate and move it all; tables, chairs, sofas, pictures, kitchen ware, beds, mattresses, art, collectibles, cars, boats RV’s, ect.  Basically, if you own it, our professional moving experts have the experience and knowledge to move on time and on budget.


“A Concierge to Our Customers. A Resource to Our Partners”

Let’s Work Together

Looking to move your office? Need to renovate your workspace? Need help with warehouse logistics and storage?

We are here to help you completely transform your workspace.

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(414) 278-7060
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400 S. 5th Street
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