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FF&E Distribution

Our warehouse space, inventory management, and dock management are part of our professional service. Our facilities are set to manage all of your cross-dock, storage, FF&E, and logistical needs. Well-trained warehouse staff utilizes a professional inventory system to ensure your items are properly tracked and inventoried.  When your facility is ready to receive your items, we will have your items organized and ready to deliver.

Hospitality – FF&E

Coakley Brothers’ Hospitality Services Division is positioned to receive, inspect, deliver and install a complete range of furniture, fixtures, and equipment (FF&E), and operating supplies and equipment (OS&E), anywhere within Wisconsin.

Whether you’re opening a new hotel or renovating a national treasure, an assisted living center, hospital, university, or timeshare, Coakley Brothers have the experience, resources, and expertise to meet project deadlines consistently and cost-effectively. And to help you through the process, our contingency planning initiatives assure instant response and resolution in the event of severe weather, construction delays, labor disputes, impediments to access, or any number of the myriad of possibilities facing time-sensitive installations.

The product can be shipped direct to the job site where our crews will unload, unpack, place and install, or it can be routed to one of our convenient warehouse facilities for future or multi-staged deliveries. In either event, you can be assured we will closely inspect all items for condition, and match shipping documents for order accuracy. Your office will be notified immediately should there be a discrepancy. And following each stage of the project, we will remove and dispose of all packing materials and trash.