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Specialty Services

Professional & Affordable Services

After 130 years of moving every type of object that exists, Coakley Brothers would have developed a proven methodology of executing industry-specific content that is sensitive to time constraints and price points. The answer is indeed we have developed, and refined methods also used by our national partners. Our Moving Specialty Services include the following:

  • FFE (Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment) Hospitality Distribution for new construction and renovation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Medical Record Relocation
  • Recommissioning furniture for resale, donation, recycling
  • Reconfiguration and installation of furniture
  • Disconnect and reconnect computer equipment
  • Document shredding and purging
  • Final move cleaning of empty space

Coakley Brothers Connect

Professional Technology Equipment Handling

Your computer systems, data, and other technology are the lifeblood of your company. Therefore, when you are relocating computers, moving servers, and other technology equipment, downtime is not an option. Safeguarding your business from downtime is our business. We know that the computer technology your business runs on and relies upon for its daily operations must be properly taken care of during the relocation process. Your peace of mind is on the top of our minds.

Special service contrnt

Coakley Brothers Connect provides IT solutions that go beyond the relocation. Our experienced and qualified team of professional experts will work with your business and its equipment ensuring each piece of technology you own is carefully disconnected, packed, and moved, taking extreme care and caution with your valuable equipment.

Once your relocation is complete, our Coakley Brothers Connect team will unpack and reconnect so that your IT staff can reconfigure your equipment to ensure your new workspace is fully operable and up and running.

We offer full-service tech solutions to make every relocation as smooth as possible:

  • Disconnect, reconnect services
  • Server relocation via air and ground transportation services
  • IT equipment receiving, shipping, inventory, and placement
  • Voice and data cabling
  • Monitor arm purchase and installation

Final Clean

When we say we take care of your entire move, from start to finish, we mean it. This includes the final clean of your vacated space. Avoid costly penalties or hold over costs by enlisting our move-out services that will conform to your lease move-out requirements. Coakley Brothers can meet with your landlord on your behalf after the completion of our Final Clean services to make certain all lease requirements have been met so you can receive a release of all your deposits.

For example, we provide:

  • Patch, repair, and repaint damaged walls
  • Replace all damaged downspouts or interior roof drains
  • Replace any broken or damaged ceiling tile and grid work
  • Replace any damaged carpet and or floor tile
  • Repair/replace any damaged personnel doors, windows, mini blinds, and door hardware
  • Repair/replace any damaged dock bumpers
  • Clean the warehouse floor of any paint, tape, or other items, repair, and patch holes
  • Remove any bolts or nails on the floor
  • Remove all trash and leave the facility in broom-clean condition
  • Sweep and mop all VCT tile floors
  • Clean all restrooms, kitchen floors, all cabinets interiors, and exterior windows
  • Remove any signage on doors, windows, or building exterior and repair any door damage from signage
  • Provide documentation of annual inspection of Fire Sprinkler systems.


A move can uncover legacy computer systems and equipment that have no purpose in the new facility. We safely and effectively remove computers, servers, shelving, and other equipment in a way that allows those items a second life rather than being thrown into the landfill. Determining the best channel and course of action for each piece of equipment can be a daunting task. Some options can be more advantageous than others. We can guide you through that process.

Talk to us about your old equipment stock and our service for taking it off your hands and into the hands of someone who can use it.

Document Shred and Purge

A corporate move can mean reducing paper files, manuals, invoices, etc. But when these documents and manuals contain sensitive information, we provide shredding and purging services. We have a history and experience in thorough and secure paper and file removal. Talk to your workplace consultant about our process and our unique capabilities for a thorough and stress-free transition.