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Rishi Tea

Corporate and warehouse move to new facility.

“I just wanted to let you know how much we truly appreciated partnering with Coakley Brothers for our corporate move.  It was obviously a very stressful and exciting process, but selecting you to work with us was one of the best decisions we made along the way.  …[Lisa] was a go-getter from the beginning, delicately handling the balance of staying in touch without being too aggressive with follow-up.  We ultimately selected Coakley Brothers because of the breadth of experience you have with moves.  We needed someone to guide us through the process, and you certainly upheld that expectation.  The planning process was thorough and we really appreciated your recurring appearances on site prior to the big days.  It left us feeling that you truly wanted it to go as smoothly as possible.  And then there were the moving days themselves!  The guys were all early (how does that work?!?!), super respectful and appreciative, and were just an overall delight to work with.  I realize we had our share of snafus in the process (who ever said the building has to be complete in order to move in?!), but your guys (and ladies!) handled it with such professionalism.  Thank you for everything – we are where we are, because of Coakley Brothers.”

Heather Torrey 
Internal Communications & Project Manager

Rishi Tea New Building Mockup