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Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker

Jennifer Walker

National Account Manager

Jennifer Walker is our National Account Manager. Although new to the industry, Jennifer’s role capitalizes on our founding membership of OMAVantage. She develops national and global partnerships, allowing our stellar workplace solutions to stretch far beyond Wisconsin.

Self-made, Jennifer prides herself on being a solution-oriented, lifelong learner. Always up for a new adventure, she navigates through challenges quickly and gracefully. People motivate her; engaged and genuinely curious, Jennifer will effortlessly learn your story and build a connection.

Starting her career as nursing student in the Senior Living World, Jennifer was born to serve others. She shifted into a Development role in non-profit private education entirely by accident. She led several revitalization projects as a parent volunteer and was quickly offered a leadership position. Returning to her love for Seniors, Jennifer has spent the last decade leading sales efforts in Senior Living Communities.

Specializing in new builds/lease-ups, Jennifer is no stranger to the importance of relocation and workplace solutions. When this opportunity came up, there was no question it would be the ultimate fit.

Serving on the Innovation Medical Advisory Board for Lorenzo’s House, Jennifer stays connected and up to date in the healthcare world.

She and her husband, Nyles, live in Milwaukee near Alverno College. They have six kids combined, Landon, Cameron, Deja, Aria, Brea, and Stormy, and two amazing grandsons, Kai and David.