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Billy Zlotocha

Billy Zlotocha

Billy Zlotocha

Workplace Consultant

Billy Zlotocha joined Brothers Business Interiors in 2015 as a sales consultant, helping customers with comprehensive services ranging from moving and warehousing to space planning and design, furnishings and installation.

Billy’s entrepreneurial background helps him focus on long-term strategies, while his experience in sales, purchasing and operations in multiple industries provides the basis for his ability to assess customers’ needs and offer multiple alternatives to suit any budget. That diverse experience provides him with a firm understanding of account management and vendor relationships in addition to sales forecasting and inventory analysis.

Rather than simply emailing customers, Billy takes the time to meet with each to go through all aspects of the quoting and estimating processes. They appreciate the level of detail and amount of consideration he gives to every project and often comment they feel their project execution is tried, tested, and well-planned.

Billy has a BA from Colorado College, and MBA from the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. He lives in Bayside with his wife, their a daughter, and a dog. In his spare time, he sails his C-Scow on North Lake and coaches the Marquette University High School Alpine Ski Team.