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The “Best” Moving Company Near Me: What Does This Actually Mean?

By: Maddy Heuler

Moving can sound linear at first glance. Without experience, the concept seems self-explanatory. Yet the intricacies in moving are strongly overlooked. Proper training, time management, physical assessments, communication, all to ease the customers nerves, and make the job smooth. Not every company will go the extra mile to protect you and your family’s possessions. So how does one know a reliable and competent moving company from an inept one? How does the customer know they are getting the best service for them and their family?

1. Reputation

A good reputation in the moving industry is as important as a good reputation in high school. Chose a mover like one would choose a friend. What is their track record? How a friend has treated others is often the best indicator for how they will treat others. A bad track record or reputation in the moving industry is the largest red flag when choosing a mover. So, while there are important questions to ask before diving into a friendship, there are important questions to ask before hiring a mover. Does the company send trained professionals out on the jobs? Do the movers show up on time and ready, as well as finish timely? Are the hired movers full time employees? This can be a strong indicator to their experience and credibility. Are they accommodating and easy to work with? What is the company’s history? How long have they been in the business? Their track record often times is the best representation of how they will treat their customers.

2. Personable

Household moving is personal. The possession of personal items and family heirlooms requires trust. Uprooting families from their homes, elderly into facilities, or simply a move down the street all requires care. Hiring a mover that is accommodating to requests, willing to adjust and be a person leading the process can make things a lot less stressful. Before a great moving company, is a collective group of people first. A company that understands their customer’s needs.

3. Communication

The tie between a client and business is a relationship. And after all, all great relationships are built on great communication. Establishing a repertoire between the mover and client establishes trust and eases nerves. Without a line of communication, moving dates, load sizes and so on can be misinterpreted for extra costs and a longer move. Making sure your moving company travels to your home for an in-person assessment of load and quote is vital to avoid extra costs. A mover’s communication is key in every move to save time and money for their client.

4. Appearance of Movers

In what manner should a mover show up for a job? Appearance and professionalism coincide strongly within every walk of life. Even within a physical labor job such as moving, a mandatory uniform within movers sets a level of professionalism and trust within clients, as it does with every job. Establishing different uniforms for different levels of leadership all further aids the client from deciphering leaders and setting an organized image. How a mover shows up to the worksite, on time, informed, trained shows that your mover cares.

Moving is personal. Protecting personal products require personal relationships. With people who understand. Ensuring reputation, being personable, appearance and communication are just a few green flags to finding the best mover for you and our family. So, before your next move, ask yourself these questions. Identify the company that represents itself the way you would like to be represented.