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Mary Edwards

Mary Edwards

Mary Edwards

Workplace Consultant

Mary Edwards spent 20 years in sales, marketing, and business development prior to joining Coakley Brothers in 2000 as a Commercial Relocation Consultant. Her expertise and experience give her the tools to manage any project, large or small.

She recognizes that moving can be highly stressful, and has the know-how to relieve that anxiety. Mary provides customers with an easy process that helps simplify something that can be daunting, even scary:  a combination of customer communications, responsiveness, and transparency. The goal: clients who tell her it was easy, and great to work with her and her team, and appreciate keeping their economic viewpoint in mind.

As mentor and coach, Mary helps her team develop their skills, too, and has molded them into a highly knowledgeable and responsive customer resource. Her inquisitive mind drives her to understand the customer’s needs and determine all the details before she delivers an on-target proposal that clearly outlines the moving process.

Mary serves on the Board of the Office Moving Alliance (OMA) and heads up the Executive Sales Leadership Committee. The OMA provides Mary with capable, competitive and cooperative solutions for her clients and their workspace needs.

A native of Wisconsin, Mary graduated from Southern Illinois University. She SCUBA dives, golfs, entertains frequently, and travels whenever she can. Her favorite part of traveling is no surprise: meeting new people.