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Dylan Vincent

Dylan Vincent

Dylan Vincent

Director of Systems & Continuous Improvement

Dylan Vincent is Coakley Brothers & Brothers Interiors Director of Continuous Improvement.

In 2007, Dylan’s career started at UPS where he advanced into management. Pursuing a higher education at the same time, Dylan obtained an associate degree in electrical engineering and later graduated Magna Cum Laude earning a Bachelor of Science in business administration with a focus in technical management. He served the remainder of his tenure initiating & improving the United Parcel Service operation departments in facilities across Wisconsin, Illinois & Tennessee.

In 2017, Foxconn, the world’s largest technology manufacturing company brought their business to Wisconsin to develop their first US headquarters and technology park. Dylan resigned from UPS and was hired in the early stages of business development to leverage leadership talent to refine and increase the size of the company’s new footprint. He was quickly promoted and entrusted by senior management to build, set up, and implement multiple departments across three campus facilities.

In 2021, Dylan pursued and accepted the opportunity to work at Coakley Brothers & Bothers Interiors as the Director of Continuous Improvement. Dylan specializes in developing, recommending, & implementing solutions for process improvement. Other duties include database design, value-stream mapping, collecting data to identify root causes, document control & developing standard operating procedures that are aligned with business strategies.

Dylan enjoys spending his free time with his large family of brothers and sisters. He is recognized as the music man in the family, appreciates Eastern Asian cuisine and utilizes personal free time to learn about technology that relates to EV’s, iOT & cryptocurrency. Dylan is a current member of Delta Mu Delta- International Academic Honor Society in Business & also sits on the Board of Directors as Treasurer for his mother’s breath of courage nonprofit organization Breath of Courage, working to bring awareness and healing to trauma survivors.