Why Brothers?

It probably is not a stretch to say that most people think of movers simply as muscle-bound guys with strong backs. And while that comes in handy in this line of work, muscles don’t solve every problem. In the 120+ years we’ve been in business, we’ve been asked to move just about everything you can imagine under just about every circumstance possible.

Just for fun, we thought we’d recap a few of the challenging moves that live in our memories forever. They posed new challenges and required creative thinking, proving that indeed, movers can exhibit both incredible brains and brawn. Enjoy.

Moving 575,000 SKUs!
We did a move that required us to organize and transport over 575,000 individual SKUs from one facility to the next. Problem was, the pieces and parts were mixed and jumbled to begin with. So about 20 Coakley Brothers employees worked 32 days straight, Saturdays and Sundays, three shifts—right through deer hunting season! (That requires extreme dedication!) The move took three months to complete with every piece being sorted, inventoried and restocked properly. We also helped create an inventory system that would prove more error-proof for them going forward.

Specialized Lab Equipment
We had one two-year move that required over 100,000 man-hours to complete. This company had very specialized lab equipment costing more than $30,000 per piece, so specialized processes were put in place to assure a safe move. Because the company had to keep working during the move, we moved them in stages allowing some of the labs to be operational at any given time. Part of the solution was to have the Coakley Brothers team work evenings and Saturdays for the majority of the move.

Workstation Installation
A few years back, we moved one company into a brand new building. The only problem? The elevator had not been approved yet, so we delivered the majority of their systems furniture via crane through the second and third floor windows. Of course, this was winter so we were dealing with freezing temperatures and ice. Over six weeks, about 15 Coakley Brothers team members moved and installed over 475 workstations. We worked 600-hour weeks, 4,000 hours for the entire job, and loved it!

Handling A Flood
This move found our clients in the unfortunate situation of a flood and called on all Coakley Brothers' services: moving, furniture installation, warehousing, cleaning, etc. The client’s 25,000 square-foot basement contained offices, conference rooms and a full library with 150,000 books. After the waters receded our first task was to relocate 60 people and workstations, which was finished in 48 hours. The additional furniture and library was all removed, relocated or stored within seven days. Along the way, we made detailed drawings and took scrupulous notes of where everything was so it could be returned once the offices were clean. In the end, this was a year-long project with Coakley Brothers stepping in as needed with moving help, storage space and reinstallation of office furniture systems and the library.

Work Space Renovation & Reconfiguration
One typical partnership involved the Coakley Brothers team while a client renovated over 10 floors of office space. This was a three-year process that required a Coakley Brothers team for about six months a year. We’d clear the floor and reinstall workstations where needed, the others workstations were stored. Once the renovation was complete, we built new floor-to-ceiling panel configured stations, re-installed their systems furniture, and moved people back onto the floor. It was great to be part of the process because people were so pleased to move back into their new space.

Carbon Manufacturing
There was one move that required a unique solution that was ingenious in its simplicity. Our client manufactured over 1,000 different carbon pieces. If you know carbon, you know it has some interesting properties: it’s delicate, brittle, dirty and slippery. Our challenge was to move these pieces AND create order in their new inventory system at the other end. To maintain the integrity of these pieces, we bought thousands of paper bags. Each bag was labeled with an SKU and every piece was sorted by hand and grouped with like parts. To sort and move the parts required four days and 15 guys per day. In two weeks, the entire company was working happily in their new digs.

Keeping the Presses Rolling!
We moved a printing company once and their most critical business need was to keep one shift and one press functioning at all times. To complicate matters, all their paper—thousands of skids of it—was on the third floor. Of course they had an elevator, and it quite inconveniently could only carry one skid at a time and the dock could only handle three skids at a time. So the conundrum was: how do we move this company quickly and efficiently while allowing them to continue printing? Over three evenings (working 8pm to 4am shifts) we moved truckloads of assorted paper material and, to allow minimal down-time, we moved the presses during the night. We broke down one press at a time and had it ready for production by 8:00am the following morning.

Office Furniture
Brothers Business Interiors, the newest Coakley Brothers company, is an authorized dealer of Office Furniture USA and your strategic partner for new office furniture products, related interior accessories, business interior design and office space planning.
The mission of Brother Business Interiors is to provide our valued customers with high quality office furniture options at an economical price. Our high quality furniture lines will be supported, moved, and installed by the dedicated Brothers teams that have been successfully servicing this marketplace for many decades.

With the range of services that our family of companies offers, there is no reason to over-complicate your business challenges with an abundance of vendors who share different goals.

Office Relocation
One of our largest office furniture system installation and commercial moves involved relocating over 1,800 people. Before the first panel was touched, we spent hours upon hours planning the move and the new configuration of the space. For reasons we won’t go into here, the company decided which stations and people would be relocated the morning of the move. So we’d get a call or an email at six in the morning confirming that day’s work. As you can imagine, the install plan remained flexible and changed daily based on their needs. While the move was going on, we also stored furniture for the company and refabricated some of the dated panels and equipment.

Some other interesting aspects of challenging moves include the following:
  • Moving the corporate and administrative technical center for a large retailer. This included moving the computers that held all the critical backup data to run the business. If anything happened to these systems, the stores couldn’t open the next day. We had a very small window of time to complete the move so we put 20 men on the job. As soon as their IT people moved their data, we dismantled their shelves and furniture and took it to the new location so they could set-up immediately.
  • We spent 45 days once moving records from a retention center. We packed 400 boxes each night (15,000 boxes total). To remove the boxes, we actually built a slide down four flights of stairs and stationed movers at the bottom of each flight to grab the box and send it down the next slide. The records went to a Coakley Brothers Warehouse for storage.
  • We’ve moved museum pieces including a NASA space suit, delicate ship models, and antique furniture.
  • We relocated a 350,000 warehouse full of palletized materials in one day. It took 54 truckloads but we got it done!
  • In our history we’ve moved it all: cash, firearms, mainframes, pharmacies, evidence rooms, safes, and even patients from an old part of a hospital to a new wing. And the one thing we’ve learned, when it has to be moved, we’ll find a way.
“I could find another job but it is like a brotherhood here. I care about what we do and I take pride in what we do.”

“Our crew continuity and bonding is what keeps this company going. Moving is tough for most people but we bond over it!”

“We have such camaraderie on jobs. The more difficult the move, the more fun we have. We love the challenging moves.” ”
- Lee & Kenny