“Jason, Jack and crew did a great job! Exceptionally cooperative in dealing with need to reschedule because of blizzard on first day. It was really appreciated and allowed us to make our reopening date. Our previous experience in 1994, plus working with Coakley Brothers at the Wisconsin Library Association, led to the awarding of this contract. We would never have made our project delivery deadline without Coakley Brothers.”
- Joan Mueller
Assistant Director
Oshkosh Public Library
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Specialty Services

It follows logic that after 100 years of moving every type of product that exists, Coakley Brothers would have developed a proven methodology of executing industry specific contents that are sensitive to time constraints and price points. The answer is indeed we have developed and refined our methods through trial and error and learning from our national partners experiences. The following narrative describes specific types of projects and specific industries which we excel in. In all of these areas we are EXPERTS. Not to toot our own horn but we gladly recommend you ask our customers.
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Specialty Services Include: